Workplace Online Portal

Use this secure portal to submit your collective, or pay equity agreements, and pay equity comparator information to MBIE.



The Workplace Online Portal is for employers and unions to submit collective agreements, pay equity comparator requests and information submissions directly to MBIE. Your information will be securely stored in the MBIE Workplace Repository.

Before you begin

Contact MBIE on if one or more of your documents is greater than 70MB or if you have many files and would like to use a different method to transfer the files to MBIE. We will arrange access to an MBIE file share so you can securely transfer the information to MBIE. You can also request this access during your online submission.

Acceptable file formats include .PDF, .XLSX, .DOC, and .DOCX.
The maximum size for a single document is 70MB.
For each submission, the maximum number of documents is 10 and the maximum total size for all documents is 100MB.
MBIE can arrange for you to access a secure MBIE file share if required. Contact to request access.

If you are submitting on behalf of a party to a pay equity claim, you must ensure you have been authorised to answer the questions in the submission form on behalf of the party who will receive the information. Please provide the contact details and role of the individual that provided this authorisation (e.g. a director, union representative). MBIE may need to contact them if further information is required or to confirm your authorisation.

Collective agreements and variations

You can use the Workplace Online Portal to submit collective agreements, variations and other related documents such as terms of settlement, wage schedules and settlement summary directly to MBIE.

More information about collective agreements is on the Employment New Zealand website.

Pay equity information

You can use the Workplace Online Portal to More information about pay equity is on the Employment New Zealand website.

Other agreements and contracts

Screen Industry Workers Contracts will be stored in the Workplace Repository but will not be submitted through the portal.  These can be emailed to and the MBIE team will be in touch if they need more information or have any questions.